About Teckrez


The Teckrez vision is to offer tackifier resins and acrylic monomer products, expertise, product access, and transactional ease to help customers build value in their markets.


Teckrez develops, markets, and stocks tackifier resins and acrylic monomers under its brand.

The mission of Teckrez is to:

  • Offer the broadest range of resins in North America
  • Bring the world of monomers to our customers’ doorstep
  • Excel at market expertise, product quality, and general responsiveness
  • Be creative and efficient in our operations and supply chains

Core Values

Customer First:
Prioritize customer outcomes when planning and deciding 

Enthusiastic and Determined:
Work hard to support the Teckrez vision and mission

Continuously learn to remain at the forefront of our industry, to enable us to help our customers succeed

Future Oriented:
Prioritize long-term goals over short-term results

Honest and Transparent:
Work in the best interest of customers and suppliers and readily share methods to build value

The Teckrez Origin Story

Tom Eckhardt started Teckrez in 2005 as a company dedicated to improving supply and service to tackifier resin customers. Since its creation, Teckrez has undergone immense growth and positive change within its mission, industry, and team.

In the early 2000’s, Tom Eckhardt was the Global Business Director for tackifier resins at Arizona Chemical where Marc Jackson served as his Marketing Manager. In 2003, Tom and Marc began their first international visits to meet producers in the rapidly growing pine tree (bio-based) derivatives market. Many of the connections made on these visits later became supplier-partners to Teckrez. When Tom left Arizona Chemical in 2005 to create Teckrez, he had the help of Kim Eckhardt, who began establishing support capabilities and a foundational data management system. Teckrez’s early sales success was driven by providing superior customer options on smaller-volume, specialty grades.

In the late 2000s, an abundance of low-cost natural gas in North America and the increase in Asian crude oil processing changed the dynamics of the global petrochemical market. In response, Teckrez established key supplier-partner relationships in Asia to help its North American customers meet their requirements for hydrocarbon resins. The hydrocarbon product line grew quickly and led to the complete tackifier range offered today.

Marc rejoined Tom in 2018 with a mission to grow the business by developing a market for novel, hydrogenated C9 products and expanding Teckrez’s versatile C95 and C5 grades. Bio-based resin capabilities were expanded to include a key supply partnership in Brazil, establishing a strong foundation to support the growth of the Teckrez resin business. Marc’s past experience with creating and growing a successful US business helped Teckrez establish its acrylic monomer portfolio and add to the team of industry experts.

Today, Teckrez is a customer-focused company specializing in tackifier resins and acrylic monomers across a wide range of market segments. Teckrez offers a mix of products, supply-chain services, and knowledgeable customer support that is unmatched by competitors, and the company’s skilled team is committed to responsible and profitable growth.


Henghe in North America

Teckrez is the exclusive distributor and reseller of HENGHE resins to the Adhesives Industry in North America.


Alliance for Chemical Distribution

Teckrez is a member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution [ACD].
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Alliance for Chemical Distribution

Teckrez is a member of the Adhesive and Sealant Council.

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