Teckrez Boosts Supply Following DRT Pinova Closure

Jun 30, 2023

The permanent closure of the DRT Pinova Solutions, a pine chemicals operation in Brunswick, Georgia, marks the end of a once prominent southeast US industry.  The ensuing supply shortage is impacting many customers who are long time users of Foral, Staybelite, and Hercolyn branded products. These supply gaps are being filled by Teckrez Inc., offering reliable supply of a full range of Teckros hydrogenated rosins and esters.

In the 1940s and 1950s, there were as many as 10 operations in the southeast US extracting pine chemicals from pine stumps left in the ground after harvesting for lumber and paper production. These chemicals, wood rosin and turpentine, were further converted into hydrogenated rosin esters and other resins. As pine stumps became less available, gum rosin from living pine trees increasingly supplemented supply for markets including pressure sensitive tapes and labels, medical tapes, laminating adhesives, chewing gum, and many others.

Teckrez Inc., a leading supplier of tackifier resins and acrylic monomers, has a comprehensive range of hydrogenated rosins and esters matching the range produced in the closed Brunswick operation. Customers have been increasing usage of Teckrez products in recent years due to previous Brunswick operating problems. Now, with its permanent closure, Teckrez has the ability to boost supply substantially in order to meet needs of these customers and has the capability to supply millions of pounds of hydrogenated rosin products, including the Teckros H series and Teckros HXL series.

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