“Wingtack Resins” plant closing in Beaumont Texas

Feb 25, 2024

Resin Solutions, LLC has announced the closure of its hydrocarbon resin plant in Beaumont, TX. This action will reduce capacity to produce C5 resins in North America by approximately 33%. Resin Solutions announced they will take customer orders through March 29 and continue to fill those orders through September 30, 2024. They will not accept new Purchase Orders after March 29, 2024.

Teckrez is, first and foremost, a tackifier company. Over the years we have developed a product range that can be used in many of the same applications where Wingtack® products are used today.

Teckrez Resin Solutions, CCL
 Teckrez® C5-95   Wingtack® 95 and 98 
 Teckrez® C5L-10   Wingtack® 10 
 Teckrez® C59-86   Wingtack® 86 
 Teckrez® C59-93   Wingtack® STS, Plus 
 Teckrez® C59-97   Wingtack® Extra 


Teckrez has stock and will continue to supply existing customers at historical demand rates.

Teckrez welcomes new customers and increased demand from existing customers. To ensure reliable supply we will ask customers for a written forecast if their demand is new or more than 10% above established patterns.

Please contact your Teckrez account manager or send an email to info@teckrez.com for further information.
We appreciate the opportunity to supply high-quality tackifier resins to our customers in North America and beyond.

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