Teckrez Introduces Terpene Phenolic Alternatives, Polymerized Rosins, Super Light Color Rosin Esters

Jan 1, 2008

Teckrez featured Teckrez RP125 and RP150, two new terpene phenolic alternatives. Teckrez RP series provide a unique combination of high polarity, softening point and excellent compatibility with a range of adhesive polymers.

Teckrez has commercialized two new partially polymerized (dimerized) rosin grades for use in adhesives, wax compounding and other specialty applications. Teckros D85 and Teckros D95 will complement the already established highly dimerized rosin grade, Teckros D140. The new products meet a need in the U.S. market for high acid value, moderate to high softening point rosins caused by closure of the last polymerized rosin factory in the U.S. in 2009.

Teckrez has announced the commercialization of super light color rosin esters, designated Teckros SL Series, which for the first time provides North American customers with rosin ester performance advantages, such as improved specific adhesion, combined with virtually water white color. Available in a range of softening points from liquid to 85, 100, and 115°C. Teckros SL products are useful in a range of applications including colorless hot melts, clear pressure-sensitive adhesives, glue sticks, spray adhesives and many others.

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