Wayne Goldenberg Named to ACS Advisory Board Honoring Late UW-Madison Professor of Organic Chemistry

Aug 29, 2020

Columbus, Ohio – With the recent passing of Professor Hans J. Reich, esteemed educator and pioneer in the field of Physical Organic Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Organic Chemistry has formed a committee and an advisory board to create a new website based upon the vast resources in organic chemistry assembled by Prof. Reich over the past thirty years.  Dr. Wayne Goldenberg, who earned his Ph.D. under Prof. Reich at UW-Madison, has been selected to be on this advisory board. 
Prof. Reich was considered a world-renowned expert in NMR Spectroscopy for chemical structure elucidation.  Chemists, scientists, and educators from around the world contacted him for assistance in analyzing NMR spectra as well as for his extensive knowledge in organic chemistry and its uses in today’s ever-evolving applications.   This committee and advisory board were established jointly by the UW‑Madison Chemistry Dept. and the ACS as a means of honoring Prof. Reich and retaining his all‑encompassing resources for use by the many chemists and researchers around the globe still vested in his efforts.
Dr. Goldenberg is currently the Director of Specialty Monomers & Chemicals Division at Teckrez, Inc., a leading supplier of tackifier resins and acrylic monomers based in Jacksonville, Florida.
For more information, please visit Teckrez, Inc. at www.teckrez.com and the newly-created ACS organic chemistry resources website at www.organicchemistrydata.org/hansreich/.

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